anrahcy rules
Gutter Punks is available for broadcast or theatrical release in BetaSP, S-VHS, VHS and D3 digital video.
All bookings must be cleared through the distributor, Monarch Films.
PLEASE NOTE: Individual copies are not at this time available for sale, and a minimum dollar guarantee and play schedule may be required for theaters.
     FILM       MOVIE PITCHERS, New Orleans' alternative cinema, will be screening Gutter Punks beginning JUNE 16th, 2000. Please look up their website for information regarding showtimes and play dates.

For information on how you can arrange for a theater near you to show Gutter Punks, please contact Monarch Films, or Ted Baldwin (225) 924-5107.

Rights to broadcast Gutter Punks   
Rights have been purchased by Sveriges - Swedish Television. Look for it in 2000, with a Swedish translation.
Rights have been purchased by Netherlands TV. Look for it in 2000, with a Dutch translation.
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