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One of our Hampton's posters by Wayne St. Pierre, 3rd Coast Digital.

Once the production of GUTTER PUNKS was begun in 1995, John Taylor, the Music Supervisor, started looking around Louisiana for the right sounds to represent the stories of the teens. Taylor first found a Louisiana composer and conductor who works on feature films and television - Bert Braud. Braud wrote for Forest Gump and The Quick and The Dead. For GUTTER PUNKS, Braud fused a mix of old New Orleans style and hard-core street sounds into sweeping and emotional beds used throughout the movie. Taylor then turned to the underground music scene to find cutting edge bands with a distinctive southern exposure.

WIREHEAD and OF HUMAN BONDAGE are two of the New Orleans bands featured in the film and soundtrack. Both of these bands were finalists in a contest sponsored by a New Orleans alternative radio station. The winner of the contest played with major label bands at an all-day alternative festival. OF HUMAN BONDAGE won the contest and played to their hometown crowd along with bigger bands featured on MTV.
  • WIREHEAD—Tribal Jury, Freeman, One Bad Nightmare
  • PHUNCTION—Superjuce
  • GARAJ MAHAL—After Birth, Web, Shaggy
  • KWAZI MOTO—Sir Dance A Lot
  • FULL FATHOM—Seasons
  • KAYNE—Impailed By Reality

All the above bands are from the New Orleans area, and are unsigned with record labels.

Jimmy Tancill of Garaj Mahal has been a key figure in bringing GUTTER PUNKS to Movie Pitchers in New Orleans. Many thanks are due him and the contribution his excellent music made to the film.

Ambulance lights and a night eye against the skyline of New Orleans.

Sleeping in the a crowd of thousands.
Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor played on the BOB MARLEY WORLD TOUR 1997, 1998, and 1999, which featured reggae bands from around the world.

     Ted Baldwin found a few songs from long time friend and musician Henry Turner Jr.

     His group, Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor had three songs which fit the overall anarchy of the moods in GUTTER PUNKS.
     The first, entitled Poor Man, became a hit on Gospel stations around the country.
     The second song, entitled Dreams, is fast paced and worked well with the first part of GUTTER PUNKS.Both songs have been released on a single CD.
     The third was a reggae number called "Sound in The Sea".
In the final months of editing Henry came into the studio to record some material on electric guitar. A Baton Rouge teenaged band called SNARLING TROY played back-up for Henry. After two hours of impromptu recording by this unlikely pairing of musicians, the final music for GUTTER PUNKS had been created.

Lonesome green-haired joe on the boardwalk.

Since wrapping up production, three bands are in talks with major labels.

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