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Eyor's greatest comment.

Eyor got his name cause he is so depressed all the time. Eyor was one of the first interviews we did for Gutter Punks. He was 18, and had been on the streets for five years. His was a classic story of abuse and neglect, and yet there was beneath the terror and fear of his daily existence a hope, a yearning to someday get off the streets and make something of himself. Eyor had trouble controlling his sadness, but he wanted to direct films, and was a great admirer of Penelope Spheeris. We saw Eyor one time a week after the interview, sitting on the street with some friends, talking about going back home.
Botch botched up skating tricks to get his name. He thought hell would be alright, "except for the flames and shit". He got thrown in central lockup and the police took his boots. He never got them back - wore tennis shoes instead. Botch would talk a lot about how he hated Nazis. Botch, from Pennsylvania, because the license plates on his little hatchback said so. They crammed five people and their stuff into it.
Caleb on the boardwalk. Caleb became a fixture on Decatur Street and Kaldi's Coffees. He dyed his hair flaming orange and got a job. Everyone knew him in the French Quarter.
Bree traveled with Rikki. They came down from Canada and had a street boxing gig where they would paste each other with big boxing gloves for "spange" - spare change. Bree was raped several times by strangers during her travels, and was not cut out for O.P.P. She just wanted to go her way. Bree had the most optimistic thoughts about her future.
Blue (R) and her "husband". Blue had a 16 year old "husband". They were hanging out in New Orleans and had quite a wedding ceremony - unofficially. The young man was found and removed to his home a few days after this photo was taken.
Danny seemed to be going somewhere. Searching for familial forgiveness, he was trying to keep himself from sinking into the street scene. We followed him around on his way to an interview for a job handing out leaflets. Danny did not have time to stop and talk, so we walked and talked.
Dog Boy was flat out funny. 'It's as simple as that'. Dog Boy was a Native American, part Kickapoo and Oto. He had the best sense of reality of all of the kids on the street, and the best sense of humor. He was headed to Hollywood to get a different kind of job.
Nate was going with Storm, and had a little dog named Butterball that "liked to fight with all the other dogs in New Orleans." Nate talked about his sister and family a lot, and how important she was to him. He was a "tweaker" since grade school.  Nate, reflecting on his troubles.
Scooby starting a tirade. Scooby is one of the angriest people you will ever meet. Period. He is also a consummate story teller, and the most agressive of all the kids we met. He had been doing the street scene for ten years, and was twenty when we interviewed him. He really hates kids that prostitute themselves. In fact, he hates just about everyone. He has "psycho" tattooed down his arm.
Rikki had seen some things on her journeys - " a few dead bodies, nothing shocking..." She was the least optimistic of the girls. She knew Scooby. "Scoob's a flirt", she informed us, giggling. We had to let her catch her breath. Apparently Scooby gives good back rubs. Rikki seeing things in her mind.
Pinecone (L) and Dogboy. Pinecone was in NO, but missed Mardis Gras. Pinecone traveled with Dog Boy, and was quite philosophical. He considered himself a traveler and was rather worldly for nineteen. He had an acute sense of self-deprecating humor and a very winning smile. He skateboarded around for us.
Storm was in love with Nate, her boyfriend. She also had a dog, and was the tiniest of all the kids we interviewed. She liked to read Anne Rice, and spent most of her time reading... Storm spent the rest of her time trying to help Nate, and taking care of the dogs. She gave a harrowing tale of why she went on the street. Talking about her Mom - it's not a happy recollection.
Rhen on Espalnade. Sketch and Rhen do not speak in the film, but travel the length and breadth of the story. Try to figure out what Rhen has attached to his cap. Sketch wore rainbow freedom rings on a chain around his neck, and left home because he was gay. Sketch on I-10 outside BR heading West.
Video cover, by Wayne St. Pierre, 3rd Coast Digital
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