The No. 1 film at Movie Pitchers
GUTTER PUNKS concluded its run Thursday, Jul 27. Still the number one film at Movie Pitchers, other obligations necessitated taking it from the schedule. The producers of "Gutter Punks" wish to express their deep gratitude for the reception the New Orleans audiences have afforded their film, and also to the fine folks at Movie Pitchers for their work in showing the film and accomodating the audiences. We are pleased and astonished that it has been held over week after week - and that you have taken this true glimpse into the lives of these kids to your heart.
"A" rated movie says N.O. Gambit Magazine!
WYES TV recommends this film!
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Gutter Punks is not currently showing. For information about showing the film, please contact Art Skopinsky at Monarch Films.  
Watch this space for future showtimes and news...      

GUTTER PUNKS TRAILERS! (Note:use of street language is prevalent!!!!!)


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Subject : Gutter Punks Movie
Hi guys!...Remember me? I got word that the film Gutterpunks is being shown starting this week at Movie Pitchers..I am SO glad that your film has finally made it to New Orleans screens. I wanted to touch base with y'all to see what my chance of it may be making it's way over here to Houston...

I miss those kids so much, but 6 1/2 years working with them can create a lot of burn out..and it got to me...but who knows what the future holds for me...

I see y'all have one hell of a website as well...good job. I also want you to know how much I appreciated the work y'all were trying to do and truth that you wanted to show the public...I didn't see any agenda..except for the truth! I remember how special that made the kids feel when y'all would come and film them. It made them feel so important as well.

I guess you may have heard that the Drop-In Center is now closed..there's a long story there, and not a good one, but the grant money is still available, so I think it will be just a matter of time before it reopens cross your fingers. Anyway..I just wanted to touch base with you guys...
And good luck with the run at Movie Pictures...4 stars!!! quite impressive...good job! Take care..
Tommy Ross
Former Director, N.O. Drop In Center

Subject: Gutter Punks
My name is Suzi , im 18 and lives in Sweden . For a long time ago i saw " Gutter Punks " and it really touched me . I wonder where i can get a vhs copy of " gutter punks " ? Since my video recorder broke down ; i couldnt record it so now im kind of desperate to get it .
Thank you . Sincerly , Suzi
"The swedish television has just broadcasted the "gutter punks". It was a really good documentary. Especially Eyor made a huge inpact on me! Is there any possibility to get in touch with him? Do you know what he's doing now? Is he studying? Please, let me know. "        Regards, Malin
"I'm a 15 year old girl from Sweden, Bjuv. Last night I saw your dokumentary "Gutter Punks". I was shoked,and my heart broke when I heard Eyor. It's incrediable how life is, how the world can turn out, how different we are, and how grateful I am for my home and life here in this smal town Bjuv... I like to thank you guys for making this great (great) dokumentary. It made a big inpact on me.
Silvia M, Sweden.

"The picture of a sad Eyor is now on my desktop to remind me that whatever problems I think I have is nothing compared to his..." M.K.
"I saw your film, Gutter Punks, yesterday when it was broadcasted by Sveriges Television, the major national television company. I just want to thank you for an excellent piece of work! American television does not impress much when it comes to journalism so this was a very pleasent experience. May I be as curious? The kid that was arrested for robbery, was he found guilty? And Eyor (who really touched my heart), do you know if he really got away from the streets?
Sincerely Yours
Hannes R  researcher/producer
Sveriges Television